A Homeopathic Approach to DNR

PDF, Kindle & ePub formats


PDF, Kindle & ePub formats
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In this new 40 page ebook Dr. Williams briefly and succinctly (outlines-NO) describes the most common homeopathic remedies that can be used in acute emergencies and end-of-life situations.

New eBook!

We enjoy exceptional emergency medical care from dedicated doctors, nurses and EMT professionals in this country. However, it is rare when this allopathic (conventional medicine) treatment is combined with holistic care.

In this new eBook, A Homeopathic Approach to DNR, (available in ePub, Kindle, and a downloadable PDF printed form), Dr. Williams briefly and succinctly outlines the most common homeopathic remedies that can be used in acute emergencies (trauma, heart attack, stroke, etc.) and end-of-life situations. Since these remedies do not in any way interfere with, or reduce the effect of, needed allopathic medicine and protocols, they give seriously ill or injured patients (or their family, friends, or designated health care agent) the benefit of the best of both worlds—life-saving emergency room procedures, in addition to supportive as well as potentially life-saving homeopathic care.

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1 review for A Homeopathic Approach to DNR

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ralph Wilson_ND

    I’ve known Dr. Williams for over 20 years and have been consistently impressed with her clarity of teaching from her huge archive of professional experience. The topic of DNR is dear to me because it was an important part of the unique experience that my mother had at the end of her colorful life. My Mom’s choices gave her the ability to navigate the final weeks, days and hours of her life in a way that were under her control. If she had been able to have me with her at the very end I could have aided the transition using homeopathic remedies such as are in the kit that Dr. Williams is making available.

    I’m still gaining knowledge about DNR and compassionate end-of-life transition for my patients as well as those who seek me out for online/Skype consultation to deal with their situations of caring for their loved ones. I highly recommend that you look at Dr. Williams’ site and choose books and products that will help you have more control over your life and help you be more able to provide safer lives for your loved ones.
    Signed: Ralph Wilson, N.D., M.S. Acupuncture, Washington DC

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