The 5 Dental Mercury Amalgam Detox Days Package


ABC (Activated Bamboo Charcoal)

Hypericum Perforatum 200C

Arnica Montana 200C

“Russian Algae” (BioAge F1)

Quinton Marine Sea Plasma


Calcarea fluorica 6X

Calcarea phosphorica 6X

Magnesium phosphoricum 6X

Liposomal Vitamin C with R Lipoic Acid × 2

Liposomal Glutathione × 2

Product Description

The following group of supplements, based on The 5 Dental Detox Days: A Naturopathic Doctor’s Guide to Detoxification of Mercury Amalgam Fillings (PDF download or ebook), is designed to last approximately 2 weeks before mercury removal, during the intensive 5-day detox, and for a few weeks or more afterwards. This package saves busy individuals time in calculating the number of products they will need, and further provides a discount group price (a $29 savings). (Sorry, no substitutions allowed.)

Regarding the NotaSan 4X and AsperSan 4X Remedies: Although these 2 remedies are included in the photo above (NotaSan in the yellow and white box and AsperSan in the black and white box), they are categorized as prescription items and can’t be sold on this site. Please contact me at to order these very essential isopathic remedies that support tooth, gum, and jawbone healing after dental drilling. (They can be included in the same priority mail flat rate box with no extra shipping charges.)

Additional information

Weight60 oz
Dimensions8 x 8 x 5 in

Quinton Marine Sea Plasma

Supplement Type

Isotonic, Hypertonic


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