Dental Malocclusion (1) DVD/Manual Set


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September 2010 Dental Malocclusion Set
This set includes a DVD by Dr. Runar Johnson and Dr. Merle Loudon plus a manual with Dr. Johnson’s, Dr. Loudon’s, and Dr. Williams’ articles on diagnosing and treating malocclusions. This DVD/manual set is an excellent learning tool for doctors and practitioners to learn how to assess significant malocclusions (bad bites) in their patients, and how to refer these children as well as adults out to a knowledgeable holistic orthopedic dentist or functional orthodontist. This set is also valuable for dentists who want to learn more about appliance or splint therapy from 2 biological dentists with almost a century of experience between them. Additionally, holistic dentists who aren’t familiar with the primary molar build-up protocol (composite placed on the deciduous first and second molars) will want to learn this very effective and inexpensive method to treat children’s class II malocclusions (overbites), chronic otitis media, and tonsillitis, from Dr. Merle Loudon’s color article recently included in this manual.

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