Quinton Marine Sea Plasma

30 glass vials


30 glass vials
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Product Description

This mineral-rich “soup of life” supplies 83 bioavailable elements, as well as amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes. The micro-mineral content is proportionally equivalent to our extracellular (matrix) fluid and blood plasma, and it is therefore indicated for needed repair and regeneration post-mercury removal and post-cavitation surgery.

The “Isotonic” formula is most commonly prescribed for parasympathetic nervous system support, and can reduce symptoms of restlessness or anxiety and is most often indicated for patients with hypertension (diluted seawater at 0.9% salinity).

The “Hypertonic” formula has 3 times the mineral content of the Isotonic formula, and is indicated for strengthening the sympathetic nervous system – especially in patients with low blood pressure and symptoms of fatigue or depression (undiluted seawater at 3.3% salinity).

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Isotonic, Hypertonic

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4 reviews for Quinton Marine Sea Plasma

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Patient (verified owner)

    I also would like to take an opportunity to thank you for your wonderful lecture and introducing Quinton to me during the Wise Traditions conference in Atlanta. My daughter had a very difficult surgery back in December, and when she opened her eyes first thing she asked for was Quinton. That day she had four more doses, by 6 am she was up and running around the hospital with no swelling or pain. Her doctor told me that he was surprised during the surgery, because at her age it is difficult to have a full insertion of coil due to excessive bleeding when they get close to the cerebellum. My daughter did not lose much blood during her surgery and her recovery is so fast in contrast with her first cochlear implant at 13 months. I was expecting a lot more discomfort and much longer healing at 11years old.
    Thank you!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Austin Patient and Mother of Patient

    Right now I am doing well with 2 Quinton in the AM and one in the afternoon and I sometimes give a vial to my daughter if she begins to show pre-asthmatic conditions and it helps TREMENDOUSLY!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rada Nikolich (verified owner)

    After two and half months of decline in health and numerous Doctor visits , blood drawn 6 times , cardiac , endocrine and kidney ultrasounds testing , our 17 year old start feeling better taking two vials of isotonic Quinton electrolyte. Blood pressure was 200/100, pulse 176 with episodes every 4-6 hours his nose ,cheeks,ears ,hands and feet getting purple and cold ,gasping for air and passing out. Our work , school and doctors looking for mystery diagnosis for never before sick child and he is making great recovery with Quinton Isotonic ! Teens poor eating habits, eating school cafeteria food and use of caffeinated beverages from vending machines,few hours of sleep and less of relaxing walks outdoor with some Sun exposure , got him to collapse . Not yet 100% but better, eating organic balanced diet , taking relaxing walks in nature,sleeping 9 hours at night , taking 2 ampules of Quinton Isotonic 30 min before breakfest, he stopped gym and early cardio workout . We are planning little R&R with more ocean water in and out. For my next order I will get some for myself and my 95 year old mother,

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    loredanaghira22 (verified owner)

    We love Plasma Quinton hipertonic !

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