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The most essential aspect of this Intermediate MRT Course will be learning the use of Hand Modes. This is a huge step in transforming your practice dramatically and advancing your diagnostic accuracy and treatment effectiveness way beyond ordinary energetic testing methods. Doctors and practitioners will be thoroughly versed in the history of the use of Hand Modes, neurological and energetic theories as to why they work, how to put a Hand Mode in your hand as well as in your patients’ hands, and how to “speak” this amazing new “diagnostic language” through the MRT paradigm. Mode Card sets consisting of 381 Hand Modes are available on this site under “MRT Sets,” and make learning these modes exceptionally easier.

With the use of Hand Modes, dental, tonsil and other focal infections are clearly apparent. The most significant scar interference field is more readily diagnosed. Mercury amalgam toxicity and dental galvanism will clearly display, and hidden food allergies can no longer hide.

DCs and DOs will have over 100 structural Hand Modes to choose from, rendering them over time proficient in a much wider repertoire of manipulative and craniosacral therapies. NDs, nutritionists, and holistic MDs/DCs/DOs will find over 60 biochemical Hand Modes, with new and significantly more in-depth ways of treating nutritional deficiencies. DDSs will appreciate Dental Interference (malocclusion), Toxic Metals, Dental Galvanism, Dominant Focus, and other Hand Modes, to support them in making important removal and extraction decisions. LAcs have Hand Modes to choose from to assist their diagnostic skills in finding the correct acupuncture points to treat. Additionally, using the MRT method, when the treatment is over and the needles should be removed is very clear by checking the Reflex Arm Length (RAL) signal (Will usually go left short meaning “too much,” remove needles now). For psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors there are 40 Mode Cards to further assist the inquiry into and clarification of unresolved conflicts and mental/emotional pain.

And of course, by adhering to the definition of “holistic,” we all need to do it all anyway to some degree. Therefore, all doctors and practitioners can learn to satisfy many Hand Mode files within their license, which greatly increases their armamentarium of treatments and skill sets. For example, a vertebral subluxation can be “adjusted” with laser light and isopathic remedies (Notatum 4X, Aspergillus 4X, etc.), which allows you to satisfy that structural Mode Card file and complete the remaining treatments that day in your office, before then making an appropriate referral to a DO or DC.

Additionally, “peeling the onion,” that is, unlayering patients’ levels of adaptation to past stressors in their lives, will soon become the norm in your practice. This invaluable unwinding of old adaptive patterns— from one’s damaging polio or measles vaccine received as a child to that toxic hair dye used in your teens and twenties–all arise through the body’s innate wisdom to heal and are clearly displayed through Matrix Reflex Testing techniques.

Those who have enjoyed the increased clarity that Basic MRT bestows in their practice will find in the Intermediate Course an even more significant quantum shift with this new diagnostic depth and perception. Enjoy learning a method that has held up for decades, that continues to grow and strengthen over time, and will serve you for the rest of your professional life as a valuable ally and support in your practice.

As usual, this course manual and DVD Set includes lectures and demonstrations so that you can practice at home while viewing the DVD’s and therefore both intellectually and kinesthetically master the skills.

Topics Covered in the Intermediate Course:

  • Introduction to Hand Modes
  • How to use the Mode Cards in MRT
  • Entry Protocols – the Removal and Isolation Modes
  • Treating typical defensive adaptation patterns such as sympathicotonia, parasympathicotonia, and oscillation
  • How to treat “Crashing” (loss of clarity in the middle of treatment) Choosing and practicing with the Diagnostic and Treatment Modes
  • you will first use in practice (“Do What You Do Best”)
  • Introduction to the TL (Therapy Localization) Cards
  • How the Cranial Diagnostic Centers and the TL Accumulation Points help you quickly ascertain the positive TL(s)

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