MRT Self-Testing Course – 1 manual and 1 DVD


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Created by Dr. Louisa Williams the new MRT Self-Testing Course consists of both a manual and a DVD. This new course is appropriate for both patients and practitioners who want to learn how to test themselves using the Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) method.

Relatively easy to master, MRT self-testing can help you choose the most optimal nutritional supplements, which foods to buy (the best brand of olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, free-range eggs, organic yogurt, etc.), the cleanest personal care items (petrochemical-free shampoo, mascara, shaving cream, etc.), and a multitude of other daily decisions.

The DVD and manual are divided into clear chapters, making this self-paced course simple to follow and learn in order to make wiser dietary and nutritional choices in your life.

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1 review for MRT Self-Testing Course – 1 manual and 1 DVD

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    RN (verified owner)

    Dr. Williams,
    The money spent on the basic MRT DVD set was some of the best I’ve ever spent. Not a day goes by that I don’t use it pretty extensively- my body’s needs change pretty frequently. This morning when I had thyroid labs drawn, they were nearly perfect, except that my liver enzymes are a little elevated. I think that might be related to congestion and that some detox efforts will fix that right up- not worried about it at the moment. My endocrinologist was absolutely stumped, but decided that I had had a temporary thyroiditis and cancelled the ultrasound she had planned for me, as my thyroid was of normal size and free of nodules on palpation (unlike before). My constitutional remedy is also being allowed to better do its job. I’ll stick with working with this for awhile before moving onto the more advanced course, but I wanted to let you know that once again your work is revolutionizing my life. Thank you!

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