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This is the new manual and just-edited DVD set from the recent May 30 – June 1st Basic MRT course. If you couldn’t attend this course, then this manual/DVD set can be studied at home to learn this very sensitive and exceptionally accurate form of energetic testing.

The new Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) manual has been rewritten and updated to make it more readable and understandable. Additionally, the accompanying 6 DVDs have been very professionally edited this year to make viewing and learning this method at home extremely simple and clear.

Dr. Williams initially teaches the “why” of MRT – that is, how it works as a very sensitive and accurate energetic testing method through measuring connective tissue responses of the extracellular fluid through the firmer fascial tension changes (the fluid and denser parts of the “matrix tissue” or “ground system”). Participants will learn the basics of MRT including the reflex arm length test (RAL), the leg length test (LL), and the straight arm length test (SAL) for acute nutritional deficiency (or excess). Commonly seen presenting distortion patterns including recognizing and dealing with oscillation (alternating RAL patterns) and uneven arm and leg lengths (the 6 channel adaptation patterns) are also taught. Dr. Williams additionally teaches and demonstrates how to use MRT for determining dental malocclusions, dental focal infections, mercury amalgam toxicity, nutritional deficiency, spinal subluxations, and much more. Treatments include neural therapy (isopathy and laser), nutritional supplementation (Original Quinton, Liposomal Gluatathione, Pure Radiance C, Russian Algae/BioAge F1, Fermented Skate and Cod Liver Oil, ThioCarb, etc.), spinal adjustments, and more. The ease of using MRT to test (supposedly) inert products (mascara, dental materials, shampoo, etc.) versus toxic cosmetics and personal care products is clearly demonstrated and explained. In this almost 3-day course viewers will more easily understand MRT and learn how to use it in their practice through the very well-edited 6 DVDs and newly updated and re-written accompanying manual.

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6 reviews for New MRT Course Manual and DVD (6) Set

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Holistic RN (verified owner)

    Dr. Williams,
    The money spent on the basic MRT DVD set was some of the best I’ve ever spent. Not a day goes by that I don’t use it pretty extensively – my body’s needs change pretty frequently. This morning when I had thyroid labs drawn, they were nearly perfect, except that my liver enzymes are a little elevated. I think that might be related to congestion and that some detox efforts will fix that right up- not worried about it at the moment. My endocrinologist was absolutely stumped, but decided that I had had a temporary thyroiditis and cancelled the ultrasound she had planned for me, as my thyroid was of normal size and free of nodules on palpation (unlike before). My constitutional remedy is also being allowed to better do its job. I’ll stick with working with this for awhile before moving onto the more advanced course, but I wanted to let you know that once again your work is revolutionizing my life. Thank you!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am enjoying the MRT technique DVDs and course content, it is has been very enlightening-the fascia being the key communicator makes so much sense. I agree with the comment about not a lot of products testing well. I have had way too many experiences with products not living up to their hype. I have tried different “self testing” techniques over the years, but am finding this technique very “enlightening”, and honest – no muscle testing involved!!. And only after a short time practicing, I am starting to feel the shift when I place the product in my field, but always continue with the mechanics of the test for confirmation, for now anyway.
    I have persevered with the technique since my last email with some nice results!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sharon Ahern, NTP (verified owner)

    Louisa, I am loving your book and the MRT DVD. Using MRT with my clients is HUGE! What a wonderful tool. I can’t wait for you to offer an advanced class. I simply can’t say enough about the value of MRT.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Holistic Practitioner

    As a GAPS Practitioner, I am often confronted with clients who are hesitant to introduce new foods into their diets – understandably! They are usually suffering from some type of awful symptom for which they originally sought help. They start GAPS, eating soups and broths and have some relief. They become comfortable. But each time something new is introduced, their symptom flares up or returns. And the question over and over: Is this due to ‘die-off’ or an allergy? Difficult sometimes to distinguish, and maybe neither, but for some reason, the food doesn’t “work”. But we need them to take on more foods to increase their nutrient diversity.
    MRT to the rescue!

    The mother of a 2-year old boy had been doing a great job with her boy, who suffers from head-to-toe eczema. We finally got it under control on broths and soups and detox baths and seaweed pastes. But he had had previous bad experiences with egg yolks and ghee, his next two foods to introduce. The mother didn’t want to go there. Using MRT, we tested eggs: sure enough the store-bought eggs, and even the farmer’s market eggs tested negative. But the soy-free egg yolk was fine! We then tested her home-made ghee and Pure Indian ghee; no go. But the Pure Indian Cultured Ghee was a yes! Still a little concerned, the mother agreed to try them. I just heard from her today. He is eating 4 egg yolks per day and gobbling the ghee!

    Another client has ITP, and her negative reactions can result in a dropped platelet count; not trivial when your platelets are just hovering above 10,000! She was frightened to try any new foods. I worked with her using MRT, demonstrating obviously bad and obviously good foods until she developed confidence. Now she has expanded her repertoire as well!

    Aside from GAPS, I feel I am dosing supplements so much more effectively now. No more guessing and erring on the side of insufficient doses; the supplements I give are working much better.

    Thank you so much for teaching me this wonderful tool. It has benefited my clients immensely.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    California Doctor (verified owner)

    Thank you so much – I did receive the CDs and book this week and am loving it. I feel grateful that I have a clinical AK background and practice so your book is making perfect sense clearly and easily. Thank you for that. I have looked up the great nutritional support you have suggested challenging with and love it. Thanks. I love learning about new ways for helping people rediscover their health. I have been going through the course and practicing with patients with a great response!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    M.D., Internal Medicine

    I hope you are well and Enjoying your practice in Texas and all over the US.
    I want to thank you and I cannot thank you enough for MRT and all the knowledge in radical medicine. It has revolutionized my practice.
    Blessings to you and your work.

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