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TL cards can help the doctor or practitioner better locate the specific tissue or organ needing diagnosis and treatment. This 84-card set is divided into 9 sections ranging from the brain and nervous system to the urinary system. Therapy Localization Cards can be utilized for tissue systems that are difficult to TL- such as lymph, blood, connective tissue, etc., or for sensitive areas (e.g., genital organs, breasts, etc.) that may need to be tested. On the back of each card is a brief explanation of the anatomy, physiology and neurology of each particular tissue or organ. For those of us who have been out of school long enough to be a little insecure recollecting all the hormones generated by the pituitary or whether it’s the adrenal medulla or cortex that secretes epinephrine, these cards are an excellent and quick reference in a busy practice! (Note: TL Cards are not intended to replace standard history & exam procedures, or laboratory tests and x-rays in the diagnosis of disease.) Master TL Card Sets are also available in German.

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