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The dental focus-disturbed field relationship is an extremely important one for all practicing neural therapists and auriculotherapists.  And since dental foci are the most common foci in the body, the placement of these charts on the wall in easy view is essential for all holistic physicians and practitioners.

This package includes:

  • An 11″ x 17″ laminated dental/organ/gland/structure relationship chart;
  • (2) – 8 1/2 ” x 11″ charts of the 5 element relationships and the 3 major cycles within the 5 elements chart;
  • An explanation on how to use these charts in an MRT (AM-FM) or kinesiology practice;

Plus a letter of further explanation by Dr. Williams.


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1 review for Dental Chart Package

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Holistic Patient

    Recently, I had a lower back left molar that was infected removed by a biological dentist in the Vancouver BC area.

    And the Drs Krammer/Klinghardt/Williams teeth/energy meridians sheet in his office was spot on re this
    tooth and the TMJ and esophagus constriction problems I have been having.

    I believe that the recent tooth removal + neural therapy to the throat/head has improved drainage, and I am in better shape.

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