I finished your book a couple days ago and I am very grateful that you wrote it and are such an eloquent voice against the tide. THANK YOU for the enormous amount of work you put into it, for the absolutely incredible research you did, for sharing your clinical experience and pioneering new diagnostics, for dot-connecting when hardly anyone is these days, for telling the truth in a clear, articulate, no-nonsense way and making it accessible to the lay person.

Klinghardt couldn’t have said it better: it is truly a masterpiece.

I am spreading the word and only wish I knew more people and had more influence.

With immense gratitude,

Rusty Cady, Herbalist

Louisa, Your book is the most thorough text of holistic/functional patient care I have ever seen and you truly possess more dental knowledge than about 95% of the dentists in the US—and probably the world. You are indeed a Super Woman! I can’t believe all you have done and continue to do—thanks for your dedication to the very extensive subject of holistic health care and biological dentistry.

Dr. Williams,
I finished reading Radical Medicine over the weekend and wanted to let you know how inspiring I found it. I’m impressed beyond words with its scope and execution, as well as the hope it brings to practitioners and patients alike.

The treatments in the book are also inspiring in that they indicate a clear path to health unique to each patient (“peeling the onion”) as well as primarily stimulating the body’s own healing processes in a natural and efficient way (something very dear to me as a naturopathic student), rather than treating the internal body like a battlefield and overpowering it with supplements and vitamins in a manner akin to “green allopathy”.

The simple and practical methods resonate with me so much that I wanted to inquire directly about becoming a new patient. Thanks again for writing such a great book, it’s an excellent professional resource (as well as a stellar history course).

Dear Dr. Williams,

I picked up your book at the Main Library in Vancouver, BC. I am buying a copy for my Health Library. Interesting, I had a bone Spicule (shard) left from having a molar being badly pulled. The dentist said he couldn’t see or feel anything when I had him examine the gum and roof of my mouth. I was taking Diamataceous Earth (Silica) and a piece came of the Spicule (shard) came outlast night. I researched D E.. a few years back and it’s benefits.I read in your book about Silica and how it moves things out of the body. Luckily I don’t haveany hip replacements, or implants to worry about.Your book and it’s information confirmed I was on the right track.Thank you for your many hours of research and knowledge you share in your fabulous book.I have told many others this book should be in everyone’s home.If I lived in the Seattle area.. I would be a client/patient of your clinic.My most sincere appreciation for sharing this knowledge with the public.

Your book has set the standard in holistic medicine. Every important issue has been identified. What a magnificent book–I’m proud to know you.

This is the bible of true health. I have had so much joy reading it. Every dentist should be working with someone like you.

Radical Medicine is just that–a radical treatise on achieving optimal health through empowering the healing energy within. Readers will find this book practical, rational, extremely engaging and a wonderful, enlightening journey with an important pay off–better health. Great work Dr. Williams!

Whew! After reading your amazing book I am much more aware of the tremendous scope your work entails and the wisdom and experience you bring to our table. Looking forward to integrating your pearls into my practice!

You are the Eckhart Tolle of the alternative community – no one says it better than you. Radical Medicine should be in everyone’s library.

Wow!!!!! I changed jobs last week so that I will have time to read your magnificent book. Best regards celebrating this triumph. Wow!!!!!

Thank you for your fabulous work –loved it, it’s cutting-edge, comprehensive, and easy for my clients to read.

Dr. Louisa Williams is one of the most brilliant physicians I have ever had the honor to work with, and the world’s leading expert on the diagnosis and treatment of dominant foci. Radical Medicine is a masterpiece that should be required reading for all holistically-oriented patients, physicians and practitioners.

I can’t believe your Radical Medicine! What a triumph! What a monumental work! When in the world did you have time for all that research, for all those footnotes, for all that learning? All of us who know you are so proud of the great work you are doing to save us from the blights of modern life and to spread the word for a richer and better life.

I am so excited! Your book is really an oeuvre–a true life’s work. I feel so grateful to see all the thousands and thousands of details that are our profound basis for our work every day that you taught, showed and explained to us in those wonderful seminars.

As a patient, what I found most revelatory and fascinating about your book is that after nine years of studying healing, and working with a lot of health care practitioners, your book’s content directly reflects my own recognition of what my body/being needs for health and healing. I am now being treated at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, and their biological medical model mirrors some of the overall health care and wellness approach explained in your book…Your book contains a lifetime of wisdom.

Your book is truly amazing — such a wonderful work with such depth that I didn’t want to put it down. I thought I knew more than most doctors in certain areas, but was surprised when I felt an eagerness to get back into holistic medicine while reading your chapters. I didn’t think there was any resource out there that would elicit that reaction. I am blown away at the depth of your book…

Dr. Williams has written a valuable guide to many of the often-overlooked aspects of holistic healing. This book additionally
as great historical value with an excellent anthology of kinesiology and other testing methods.

This woman puts down the straight facts! Very lucid writing…and although it’s a large book it’s easy to read and not redundant. Such an exceptional effort and really brilliantly organized. It’s truly a marvelous book.

Your book is terrific. I appreciate the central role you have ascribed, correctly, to the harm being inflicted by traditional dentistry.

I’m amazed at your knowledge in holistic dentistry–great book!

Wow! I am so impressed at what you have produced. It is really great to see how much you have integrated all the charts on your walls and all the treatments I have ever had or heard of in one place. It’s an indispensable resource!

An impressive and well-written body of work that combines sound scientific research with proven clinical experience. Radical Medicine is a must-read for physicians and patients alike and promises to be a classic in the field of holistic medicine.

Very impressive–there are no competitors to this book–it’s that unique.

Outstanding book. This material needs to get out there. Congratulations and thank you!

I am having a problem. Once I start reading your book I am forgetting everything else I need to do and lose track of time…People are finding me 24 hours later still with the book in my hand and having not eaten. Just kidding.

But the book is that good! It is a thoughtful and comprehensive guide to everything I have learned and do daily. It really reminds us how difficult this work is, how subtle, how layered we are. Patients really most often do not understand this, and increasingly, want the magic vitamin. I am going to take some things out of the book and post them on the bulletin board in the office, so that people can appreciate what is really involved in healing.

It’s a sensational and astoundingly important book – really fabulous! Your book does for doctors what mine did for the public. I’m blown away!

Just received your book. It is breathtaking. The coverage of all areas of health is amazing. Yes, you described the history of Craniopathy accurately. You are to be congratulated for a great book. I know how much time and research you have done to create a masterpiece. The title and book cover are winners.

I wish you a great success for your outstanding book, Radical Medicine, and for this important and useful contribution to natural medicine.

This is fantastic – very strong work! I can definitely see why this has been a 7 year journey for you… Fabulous job and incredibly well-written.

I just finished your book and I am impressed with the breadth and depth, nice work! In fact, just after reading this wonderful book I was able to help two of my most puzzling cases. Thank you, Dr. Williams.

Radical Medicine is the mother of all health books! I have recommended it to all the holistic doctors in my area and am getting my health food store to order copies.

I can not put down your fantastic book – so much knowledge… Every doctor AND ever household should have read this book.