What is Radical Medicine?

“Radical Medicine” is the name of this site as well as a book authored by Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND. The word “radical” comes from the Latin root “radix,” meaning going to the root or origin, and pertaining to that which is fundamental, far-reaching, and thorough. Radical medicine is therefore (analogous to the Weston A Price Foundation’s tenet) natural medicine practiced according to the wise traditions of our holistic ancestors, who believed that only through getting to the root cause of disease can true cure be realized.

Thus, doctors and practitioners who practice radical medicine do not automatically prescribe thyroid medication for hypothyroidism, but search for and try to address the true cause of these symptoms – such as mercury toxicity from nearby dental amalgam fillings. They do not readily prescribe antibiotics for chronic otitis media in children, rather they endeavor to identify and mitigate the existing dairy sensitivity and/or dental malocclusion. Nor do they treat their patients’ right hip and right shoulder pain without diagnosing and treating their possible right-sided “dental focal infection” (failed root canal, abscessed tooth, impacted wisdom tooth, etc.) – which is a major cause of chronic one-sided pain in the body.

Radical medicine was written to educate and support committed doctors and practitioners who find less than optimal results unacceptable in their patients. It was further written for all holistically-minded individuals who have gone to great lengths to feel better, yet find that general health guidelines (eight hours of sleep, a good diet, filtered water, and regular exercise) are simply not enough in this modern toxic world to realize their fundamental birthright – vibrant and optimal health.