Radical Medicine

General Holistic Guidelines Are No Longer Adequate

The most optimum diet possible, drinking pure water, exercising regularly or even diligently supplementing with mega-doses of vitamins and minerals can no longer ensure the preservation of good health for most Americans. Unfortunately, our immune systems have been subjected to poisons unparalleled in previous centuries and unimaginable by our earlier ancestors. The placement of toxic mercury amalgam fillings in our mouths, the pervasive petrochemicals polluting our homes and environment, the injection of DNA-damaging childhood vaccinations, and the excessive use of antibiotics and other prescription drugs are just a sample of the modern-day traumatizing effects that have rendered many individuals chronically ill. Until these and other “obstacles to cure” are adequately addressed, general guidelines–although important to maintain a healthy lifestyle–are simply no longer adequate to fend off degenerative disease and help individuals regain their birthright of optimal health. Indeed, in our current toxic environment, much more radical measures are required.

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Introduction to Radical Medicine