Speaking at the IABDM in September, 2017

The annual conference of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) will be held outside of Houston in The Woodlands October 19-21. I will be speaking on Friday, October 20th on “Energetic Testing” In Vivo Biofeedback for More Accurate Diagnoses and More Effective Treatment Plans.”



Comments from colleagues on Dr. Williams’ MRT teaching:

“I appreciated that Louisa took the time to demonstrate and explain the material without rushing, and the fact that she was very clear throughout the class. I like the technique and the self-testing is easy.”
Claudia Sames, Certified Nutritionist

“Excellent organization and presentation of difficult material. Wonderful information, very inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Allison Hofmann, ND

“This course was well organized yet informal enough to ask questions and exchange ideas. Dr. Williams is an excellent teacher, is very approachable, and communicates well. The seminar setting was very conducive to maintaining focus. I look forward to the intermediate course.”
Claus Fichte, MD

“Overall a great seminar! I found Louisa very clear, and appreciated her methodical approach and demonstrations. She took careful notes of questions and issues that came up throughout the seminar so that she could address them at the appropriate time. It was a good mix of didactic and practical application/practice.”
Katelynn Vifquain, L.Ac.

“Fabulous seminar! Dr. Williams is a superb researcher and magnificent teacher. She has taught me many procedures that I use in my practice and which I now cannot live without! I am excited for her next seminar and hope to inspire more doctors and practitioners to learn MRT.”
Pamela Paetzhold, ND, DC, L.Ac., RDH